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MICROSEARCH, LLC is dedicated to the detection and prevention of economic and industrial espionage. Our discrete and confidential Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM) surveys are based on the most current information about espionage devices and techniques.

Our surveys include tests for devices such as:

  • Clandestine Radio Transmitters
  • Covert Video Transmitters
  • Carrier Current Transmitters
  • Telephone Modifications
  • Infrared Transmitters
  • Unauthorized LAN Connections
  • Hidden Microphones
  • Naturally Occurring Audio Paths

MICROSEARCH investigators have extensive law enforcement and security backgrounds including investigative, intelligence, and DoD level security experience. Formal TSCM training has come from courses taught by former military and federal law enforcement personnel as well as private sources. All investigators hold California Private Investigator Licenses, and we are insured.

MICROSEARCH utilizes the same instruments and equipment as government TSCM teams. Our arsenal includes computer controlled radio frequency spectrum analysis, nonlinear junction detector (This device locates electronic components in surveillance devices), X-Ray, and thermal imaging. Instruments and equipment are upgraded continuously. Most instruments are less than two years old.

MICROSEARCH TSCM surveys include a comprehensive report of the activities and findings, and include recommendations for improving information security. The recommendations for improvement are objective because we are not affiliated with any security product or service providers. The survey also helps satisfy the obligation to protect proprietary data as required by the Economic Espionage Act of 1996.

MICROSEARCH has provided TSCM surveys to companies involved in a wide variety industries and services. We are proud to be an approved vendor to municipal, state, and federal government agencies. Our client list also includes attorneys, private investigators, security professionals, and executive protection professionals.

We look forward to the opportunity of becoming a partner in your security program.

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MICROSEARCH, LLC provides comprehensive Technical Surveillance Countermeasures surveys to business and government clients throughout the United States of America.
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Professional Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

About Microsearch LLC

Richard C. Hofmann
Mr. Hofmann’s experience in technical surveillance began in 1974 while he was an investigator with the Inglewood (California) Police Department. During his 17 year career in law enforcement he obtained training in technical surveillance methods from the Inglewood Police Department and the United States Marine Corps. He has attended several courses in electronics engineering technology and Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM) since retiring from law enforcement in 1991.

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