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Amateur Counter-Intelligence.

Our firm does not work for private individuals unless they are referred to us by an attorney or private investigator, or they have documentation to show they have made some effort to determine if they have an actual information leak.  This paper was written for private individuals who may be under illegal electronic surveillance for the purposes of industrial espionage, curiosity, or to obtain advantage in a law suit.

The paper titled, Amateur Counter-Intelligence, was written to help a private individual determine if they are, in fact, under electronic surveillance.  It should also be noted that we do not work for private individuals or companies that are, or feel they are, under investigation by a law enforcement agency.

Helpful hints to determine if you are under surveillance.
Please feel free to download and print out Amateur Counter-Intelligence for personal use.

If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat for printing PDF documents, use the linked icon below to download it. This is a free program .

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