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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Equipment

oscor blueRadio Frequency (RF) Detection:

Thorough RF analysis requires a variety of instruments. There is no single piece of equipment available that we would trust to detect the wide variety of signals produced by eavesdropping transmitters.

Our RF detection equipment includes a Research Electronics International (REI) Oscor Blue, a REI Omni Spectral Correlator (OSCOR 5000), a Tektronix 492 spectrum analyzer, four communications receivers, three carrier current receivers, a digital and burst transmitter detector, and two near field transmitter detectors.

OMNIInfrared transmitter detection falls under RF detection, and we use an Electrophysics infrared light viewer for that purpose. 

RF analysis in commercial environments includes looking for rouge wireless access points attached to the company’s LAN or WAN.

The Fluke Networks AirCheck WiFi tester is used for that purpose.



Telephone Tap and Eavesdropping Modification Detection:

TalanTelephone system surveys involve several pieces of test equipment.

The TALAN is a completely digital phone analyzer in a small powerful package. Instruments such as a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR), digital oscilloscope, audio amplifiers, fluoroscope (X-Ray), wire tracing equipment, Kaiser 1080H analog phone analyzer, and special telecommunications tools are used to inspect for eavesdropping devices.


Physical Search and Miscellaneous Equipment:

Orion 24The physical search is augmented by the use of sophisticated instruments and equipment. Our nonlinear junction detectors, for example, are engineered to detect components used in eavesdropping devices. If a device is not operating because the batteries have gone dead, the nonlinear junction detector will detect its components. The use of thermal imaging cameras helps us to see minute temperature variations that might indicate the presence of a surveillance device. If an eavesdropper turned off his transmitter before the investigators entered the building, the heat caused by the power flowing through the device would be visible when using the thermal imaging camera.

The physical search can include the use of a metal detector, densimeter, x-ray, ultraviolet (UV) survey lamp, camera lens detector, and a variety of hand tools. The UV light will reveal things not seen with the naked eye such as where a small transmitter has been hidden inside of a block of wood and then glued to the bottom of a desk or at the back of a book shelf. It can also reveal tiny pin-holes in the surface of a wall for a hidden microphone. X-rays will see the insides of many nonmetal devices such as a telephone body or handset as shown in the pictures below. This one checked out negative - there were no hidden devices inside of it.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures EquipmentsMission Statement
MICROSEARCH, LLC provides comprehensive Technical Surveillance Countermeasures surveys to business and government clients throughout the United States of America.
About Microsearch LLC

MICROSEARCH, LLC is dedicated to the detection and prevention of economic espionage. Our discrete and confidential Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM) surveys are based on the most current information about espionage devices and techniques.

MICROSEARCH, LLC investigators have extensive law enforcement backgrounds including investigative, intelligence, and security experience.

Formal TSCM training has come from courses taught by former military and federal law enforcement personnel as well as private sources. 

All investigators hold California Private Investigator Licenses, and we are insured.

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